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In what started out as a huge surprise to his 1.1 million followers on Instagram Tuesday, singer Robbie Williams debuted his latest ink. Unlike the other tattoos the 44-year old has displayed over the years, this one looked a little more personal. His new chest piece? A portrait of none other than... Robbie Williams.

The black ink tat was placed directly in the middle of his chest, surrounded by all of his other permanent works of art, as Robbie held his hands over his face with the caption "UH-OH" below the post.


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There's just one problem: it's fake.

While the rest of us were busy thinking "OMG, cool!" and "What the fuck was he thinking?", it didn't take long for his true fans to figure out what was happening. Robbie is known to have some crazy tattoos, like tributes to Sir Roger Moore, on his body, but fans weren’t convinced that this new one was real and felt the singer was just screwing around.

Commenting on the photo, one wrote: “What a laugh.😁!!!! Nice one Robbie. Please don't even think about doing it for real. Xxx.”

“Done enough perving on topless Robbie pics to know that this is an old pic so the tattoo is fake,” commented another.

Of course the tat isn't real, but Robbie potentially just got 1.1 million people to look at him shirtless, and that's an accomplishment all its own.

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