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I rarely have both my feet off the ground at the same time, and if I do you better believe it isn't to run, so I don't know how obvious dick and ball exposure would be. And apparently, neither does runner Jozef Urban! The professional flasher was participating in the Košice Peace Marathon in Slovakia when suddenly his junk slipped out of his tiny hot pants and started flopping around for all the world to see. 

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 The Rowers are all freakishly attractive, and their bodies are all so uniformly ripped that it's like watching the movie 300. But less gay. Of course, the real stars here are their asses, which only seem to get plumper and fuzzier over the years. 

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Sometimes the world is so aggressively gay that I just know God and Jesus are beautiful benevolent queens, who, at least if this headline is any indication, like their men young, dumb, and hung! Highly fuckable nineteen-year-old dummy Nathan French got his bulge into newspapers everywhere last week when he found himself in need of rescuing after climbing Snowdon in just his Superman underwear.

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According to an Instagram teaser clip, tomorrow the one and only man who knows exactly what my taint needs, Nick Jonasty, will be releasing a music video in which he shows nips and more while swimming underwater! Since I'm doing everything I can to quell the storm raging in my butthole, I thought today's best distraction would be the amazingness of the Gay Internet and how we now know that Pennywise and The Babadook are official gay fuck buddies! 


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