Flesh Links 6.26.2017 Flesh links f997ffd2 featured

- Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds of Summer dick pic - omgblog

- Philadelphia Pride Flag redesign fiasco - confessionsofaboytoy

- All the pics from another gay porn awards show - boyculture

- "At 11 years old I found out my father was a faggot." - Charlie Carver - instinct

- Food companies branding with Pride. How about making the part of M&Ms that melts in your mouth white? - queerty

- Porn star YouTube video roundup - queermenow

- New drag queen pop song alert - bananaguide

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- Chicago Cub goes nude (header) - boyculture

- Our favorite Russian transvestite hooker Katya gets her deserved screen time with two nobodies - omgblog

- Gays spending $25,000 for anal botox - instinctmagazine

- Ricky Martin in speedo for American Crime Story - queerty

- Chrome extension puts colorful spin on homophobia - bananaguide

- ICYMI: Stephen Colbert strips down Milo Ventimiglia - mrman

- gay porn flashback - thebananaguide

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Flesh Links 6.19.2017 Flesh links d1f5760b featured

- A ton of vintage pica from Los Angeles Gay Pride. Sunscreen discouraged - confessionsofaboytoy

- People pissed over Icon Caitlyn Jenner's shooter joke - omgblog

- This porn studio founder has passed away - instinctmagazine

- Skinny shaming in the gay community a problem - queerty

- Yummy Aaron Taylor-Johnson - boyculture

- All the gay sex at Steam Works Chicago - queermenow

- Boomer Banks has choice words for gay bigots - bananaguide

Flesh Links: 6.5.2017 Cazwell sexy 684c2516 featured

- Gay rapper Cazwell is a ball of fuckable - omgblog.com

- Our next president covers LGBTQ Entertainment Weekly - boyculture.com

- Bryan Hawn strips down - instinctmagazine.com

- Orphan Black actor shocking gay confession - queerty.com

- Colton Haynes coerced into fake dating Lauren Conrad - bananaguide.com

- This Little Rascals actor is all grown up in gold thong - mrman.com

The New Matt Bomer Trans Role People Are Pissed Over Matt bomer sexy 1e102a5b featured

This first peak at Anything shows Bomer sashaying into the Zodiac killer's room looking like a Dress Barnyard sow in heat. Anything promises to be "a story about the infinite possibility of love," so who knows what happens in this scene.

Flesh Links 6.13.2017 Flesh links b8ea9d1e featured

- NOLAN GOULD NEW SHOW BRINGS HOPE FOR SKIN! (Also, kudos to Boy Culture for spreading the Gould word) - boyculture.com

- Urban Outfitters, Airbnb, Pepsi? Corporation Lady Gaga says "I'm still hungry nom nom" - omgblog.com

- Manly men showing asses in kilts - instinct.com

- #Babashook: All the Pride attendees dressed as queer icon Babadook - queerty.com

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- Steve Grand new single and visible penis head - bananaguide.com

- Black Panther stars from new trailer looking fine - mrman.com

- A fairly gaping glory hole - thebananablog.com

Ew, Here's How You Access The Facebook Rainbow Flag Emoji Facebook pride header dc83d706 featured

Is the implication that we "choose" or "opt in" for this slice of reality? 

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- Dick and ass shelf from this beeftastic ANTM - omgblog.com

- Thanks, Garrett Clayton. So when exactly are going to swallow my dick? - instinct.com

- Gays are asked what's the straightest things they've ever done - queerty.com

- Do we need Miley, or like, does she need us. Sorry 'bout it - boyculture.com

- This porn star filming new bareback scenes now - queermenow.net

- Malaysia's "sex education" sounds like a hoot - bananaguide.com

- Just some hot gym exhibitionism for your weekend - thebananablog.com

Top Ten Most Viewed Celebrity Posts Right Now Most viewed celebrities 28838354 featured

We've had a lot of drippingly juicy celebrity going ons recently, and today we'll check out the ones that YOU and your holes are quivering over! Yes, all holes.

The GayVN Awards Are Back And Gayer Than Ever 592897ec38a87 gayvn ee8f018a featured

Do you think there's room for both the Grabbys and the GayVNs? Would you rather see the Fleshbot Gay Amateur Porn Awards, where I trick amateur guys into meeting me like in Hot Girls Wanted? Let us know!

Flesh Links 6.5.2017 Flesh links b8a0d9fc featured

- Zac Efron waxes Beau Ryan's pubes in video and please stop - omgblog.com

- Sexy tennis pro and his boyfriend celebrate - instinctmagazine.com

- Indecipherable but inclusive nonetheless Heineken ad - queerty.com

- Maybe check out Griffin Barrows Twitter - boyculture.com

- Guy from Lizzie McGuire is now Jizzy McFire - mrman.com

- Jackie Beat is blowing Boomer Banks' huge dick - bananaguide.com

- Gay porn boyfriends post intimate kiss. Alex Mecum's dick tho - queermenow.net

Flesh Links 6.1.2017 Flesh links 18611110 featured

- Tarzan dick with a heaping helping of bush (header image) - omgblog.com

- Oh ya, Zac Efron in GQ Mexico - boyculture.com

- One of the hottest, gayest, nudest shows just canceled - instinctmagazine.com

- Gay yearbook page gives me hope, parent reactions do not - queerty.com

- Oldie but a goodie, a fat frat dick worth a second look - thebananaguide.com

- More Grabby party pictures feature peens and assholes - queermenow.net

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Sexy College Athletes In Tight Shorts Come Out To Each Other, Start Fucking Screen shot 2017 06 01 at 2 47 36 pm copy fc2e1542 featured

Brad Neumann and Justin Rabon were University of Minnesota track stars who happened to get into some deep texting about the fact that they want to be turned into Boston Cream donuts on the reg.

Flesh Links 5.30.2017 Flesh links 57fdafcd featured

- This might not be Scott Disick's dick, but that visible penis line is 100% real - omgblog.com

- Do you remember when Riverdale's Luke Perry went full frontal? - instinct.com

- This straight actor got an erection while frenching Leo DiCaprio - queerty.com

- Just please watch this guy's dick while Hula-Hooping. Wet central - boyculture.com

- Hm, tops see their buttholes for the first time - bananaguide.com

- Behind-the-scenes at the Grabby Awards - queermenow.net

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"That's when I noticed the bloody, shitty jizz that was dripping off his dick and down my legs."