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- Just, *sigh*, this - boyculture.com

- Looks like the Trumpinator is coming for the LGBT community next - instinct.com

- Amateur "Restrained And Submissive For Verbal Daddy" - thebananablog.com

- Do uncut cocks really have this big of a stigma? - bananaguide.com

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- This wise celebrity is telling America to embrace Donald Trump. CUT! - queerty.com

- Tatted guy works his curved cock in a train bathroom - queerclick.com

- How did we miss this amateur video of Eyebrows jerking his cock? - queerfever.com

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Revisit all of the hot leaked dick pics and tell us which one gets you WET.

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- That freshly out CMT and iHeartRadio host Cody Allen reveals his cute boyfriendMichael Trea Smith - instinct.com

- Gay store Lush Cosmetics features gay couples in the bath together in its new Valentine's Day ads - boyculture.com

- Ripped hottie flaunts his girthy towel rack - thebananablog.com

- Out singer Troye Sivan continues to spread the gay word with his latest video for "Heaven" - bananaguide.com

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Mr. President is already making his presence known on the official White House website. See which other pages are either deleted or altered.

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- The Ohio State men's gymnastics team is a 10! Like they look like porn stars and you can watch them in action in this sexy vid - boyculture.com

- All of the 2017 Golden Globe winners in their nude roles. You will not hate Ryan Gosling's ass - mrman.com

- Austin Armacost is now saying that he's asexual because why the hell not - instinctmagazine.com

- See a HOLE lot of this hot guy as he works out in a jock strapcocktailsandcocktalk.com

- Gay demigod Billy Eichner gets in a Twitter BrAwL with Meghan McCain about Meryl Streep speech - queerty.com

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So many beards, so little time.

Best Of 2016: Top Ten Most Viewed GIF Of The Day Posts Gay gifs featured

You guys have good taste.

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The people have spoken. Do you agree with the results?

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Some of these guys have so much fur it's almost like cheating.

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- Even more pics of Chris Lowell's butt from Graves, because it really is that perfect - mrman.com

- It turns out there was another hot actor besides Garrett Clayton on Hairspray Live, and you should probably familiarize yourself with Ephraim Sykesinstinct.com

- Oh Papi! Britney Spears' backup dancer Willie Gomez gives great visible penis head in Attitude Magazine shoot - cocktailsandcocktalk.com

- People think there might be a hidden secret on that Donald Trump Time Magazine cover, but I think most people are saying "Who reads Time Magazine?" - queerty.com

- Sometimes a man just needs to put on lace panties to fell a little special, okay - boyculture.com

- This is a big ICYMI, but Tom Ford told GQ Magazine that he believes every single man alive, gay or straight, should be penetrated at least once. Wonder how many times he's used that at last call - bananaguide.com

- Colby Jansen gives a beary interesting exclusive interview and spills the deets on his new website -  queermenow.net

- Tim K. is a bodybuilder with a perfect long dick, and he ain't afraid to rub out his dude goo in front of the camera - thebananablog.com

GIF Of The Day: Don't Think About The Human Centipede Don't Think About The Human Centipede Screen shot 2016 12 06 at 5.10.23 pm featured

I thought about the Human Centipede.

Noel Fisher Back On Shameless, Sex With Cam Monaghan Natch! Screen shot 2016 12 05 at 10.39.40 am featured

Last night marked the epic return of Mickey (Noel Fisher) on Shameless, and, of course, he didn't waste any time getting down and dirty with the ginger hottie to beat, Ian (Cameron Monaghan!) Check out the gay sex and dudity right here!

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I Am Michael premiered at Sundance in early 2015, but it just recently found a distributor and is set for a January 2017 release. This means that you can catch gay baiter extraordinaire, James Franco, in yet uh-nother gay role. Check out the new trailer as well as all the reasons this gay-baiting has gotten out of hand. GAH.

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- Masters of Sex is officially canceled, so here are the hottest asses over all four seasons, natch - mrman.com

- "A gratuitous locker room hot ass video." Go on... - thebananablog.com

- Tyler Oakley gets Tom Daley and Scott Eastwood on his show, and basically he's got this whole "life" thing figured out - bananaguide.com

- Here are the top ten riskiest places in America for HIVboyculture.com

- Alicia Vikander, is that you? The Ex Machina porn parody that you were waiting for is here - queermenow.net

- People are saying that this is Ezra Miller's huge dickcocktailsandcocktalk.com

- Did you know that the RuPaul's Drag Race producer Lucian Piane is a complete racist psycho? - instinctmagazine.com

- Here's the country that consumes the most gay porn - queerty.com