Drew Dixon Submits to Manuel Skye and Max Adonis!

October 11, 2019 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Drew Dixon Submits to Manuel Skye and Max Adonis - Lucas Entertainment]

Manuel Skye shows us he's not for the faint of heart among bottoms In Scene Four of "Tomas Brand: Muscle Daddy King"

Manuel Skye fucks Drew Dixon at Lucas Entertainment

Manuel Skye and Max Adonis Double Penetrate Drew Dixon.

But luckily Max Adonis is up for a challenge!

manuel skye fists drew dixon.

Look at Drew get fisted.

I don't know why Tomas Brand is not in every scene in a movie named after him. But this is 2019, and not only can you put words in whatever order you want, they just mean anything these days.

Anyway, back to the porn.

In the previous scene, Tomas Brand showed Allen King one of the best times he's ever had:

"Allen King has a huge stepdad/stepson fetish, and has been attracted to Tomas Brand for a long time. Tomas is more than happy to make Allen’s dreams a reality"


And Manuel Skye shows us why he "comes in a close second" in terms of Muscle Daddy Kings, according to Lucas Entertainment.

Max Adonis sucks Manuel Skye

Manuel Skye IS a muscle daddy king.

From Lucas:

Manuel Skye comes in as a close second when evaluating handsome men to be a Muscle Daddy King -- he has classic good looks, an incredible body and an intimidating, battering ram of a cock. He’s not for the faint of heart among bottoms -- especially when you see his erection standing tall and ready to go -- because he’s rough and intense when he fucks. Drew Dixon is always up for a sexual challenge though, and he and his buddy Max Adonis hook up with Manuel. Manuel Skye fucks the hell out of Drew before switching off with Max, who also fucks Drew raw under the watchful eye of Manuel.

Now if you've been following along, you know Manuel Skye is one of my favorite porn stars.

Right now, it's like Manuel and Bruce Beckham.

So to hear that Manuel is a "close second" in anything, considering his body, his face, his cock, his ability to both dominate AND submit? I don't agree, and it hurts a little.

I won't be okay, fuck off.

Manuel Skye cumshot at Lucas Entertainment

Looks like Max and Drew are happy boys.

Who is the bigger muscle daddy king? Manuel Skye, or Lucas Entertainment's pick, Tomas Brand?


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