God Bless 'Murica: Pete Buttigieg's Fat Ass Has Gone TOO Far In Gawddamn HOT New Pic

October 10, 2019 | Posted in Editorial Features by his_excellency


Anyone who keeps up with the news knows that thirty-seven-year-old openly gay presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg's candidacy is looking like more of a 2024 sitch, which is fine by me. The White House is a national treasure and we can't have his obese dumper obliterating every doorway he walks through! The whole thing will just crumble. But Pete will survive. He'll use his azz for protection. A dumper bunker.

NE WAYZ, I was innocently scrolling through Instagram when I saw this smawowking hot pic of Indiana's snarkiest starlet. His erotiqué thin white undershirt is tucked into his belted pants, allowing us to clearly see that he's working with a tight lil' bod. And the amount of hair that you just KNOW covers that adorable tummy? Obscene.



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Family style.

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But then things took a turn for the horny. On Twitter I saw that the same pic was posted uncropped, allowing us to see what the Russians don't want us to see - dat nizasty Pete Buttigieg a$$!


And then things got even hotter when I discovered this unedited, original version below. Before the trolls got to it! Deep fakes are real and we're just beginning to understand the dangers!



The actual pic (not the one above, which I definitely didn't create for my spank bank ;) might just be the best look we've gotten yet at Pete's infamous ass cheeks, which, as with the rest of his body, you know are just covered in a thicket of the nizastiest pitch black body hair you've ever seen. You can always tell by the legs. Remember, voting is important. And I vote for Pete Buttigieg to get an OnlyFans.



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This guy.

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