Sean Cody Rewind: Brandon Bred The Cum Out Of Tanner And I Created Too Many GIFs Of It

October 8, 2019 | Posted in gay by his_excellency

This will be the most GIF-intensive Sean Cody Rewind we've ever done, and to say that the effort was not only above my paygrade, but far beyond common decency in general, is an understatement. Guys I might be a pervert.

Back in 2014 two of Sean Cody's most gorgeous and timeless models - Brandon and Tanner - paired up to get their rocks off on a massage table and yes, I created twelve GIFs of the encounter - starting with some gentle cheek kissing and ending with a cum-splattered camera lens! Don't you dare judge me. These two muscly jocks act like old friends around each other, and it's so hot how they alternate between intimate jesting and an animalistic, ya know, need to breed. I feel the need. The need, to breed.

Tanner gives Brandon's hairy asshole some oral loving at the beginning,

But his ass is the one that receives the majority of the attention as soon as he climbs on top of Brandon's perfectly smooth and tan bod.

They both grab Tanner's ass as he slides his hole up and down Brandon's rock hard cock.

Then the two switch to doing it from behind, with Brandon churning Tanner's guts like a gosh dern Cuisinart as their balls wiggle both to and fro in breathtaking tandem!

Tanner takes Brandon's cock for as long as he can stand it before finally letting out an epic stream of cum that splatters on the camera lens.

Brandon continues to sensually thrust into Tanner before unleashing his cum deep inside Tanner.

Then the two collapse on each other in pure breathless sweaty satiated sticky bliss!

You can see the full scene at Sean Cody

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