Hayden Lee Walks In On Alex Riley Filming A Solo Session, And I Think You Know Where This Is Going

October 9, 2019 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Come and Get It - Helix Studios]

Hayden Lee offers to help his new housemate Alex Riley with his solo video, but they end up turning the camera off and fucking instead at Helix Studios

Hayden Lee Blows Alex Riley at Helix Studios

Getting your dick sucked is better than jacking it off, right?

Ever Since he showed off his bottoming skills in his debut scene with Micah West, everyone has wanted to jump on the Hayden Lee train.

Or perhaps, everyone has wanted Hayden Lee to jump up and down on them.

[WATCH: Hayden's in Heat - Helix Studios]

Ashton Summers got the next go, but now it's Alex Riley's turn to have a taste (feel?) of everyone's new favorite power bottom.

Alex Riley rims Hayden Lee

Alex Riley CLEARLY loves eating twink ass.

From Helix Studios:

This erotic expose takes you behind the curtain and into the Helix model house as fresh, young favorite, Hayden Lee gets acquainted with his hot, new housemate, Alex Riley. He walks in on the rock hard hottie as he’s filming a sexy solo session. Hayden let’s Alex know he’s ready and willing to help him out; and, the boy’s become fast fuck buddies. Riley takes the twink on a red hot, fuck tour with his thick tool, laying into Lee’s loins till they both bust, exploding in an oozy, orgasmic overflow that has Hayden’s hole heated and drenched in Riley’s white hot, raw, boy bust.

Because while making a video CAN be fun...

I wonder if he's thinking about fucking Hayden here.

Alex Riley Jacks Off at Helix Studios

Making Love to Hayden is better than making love to your camera phone, isn't it?

Getting off in OTHER ways can be a lot funner.

Bareback gay porn at helix studios

What do you think Alex thinks of everyone's favorite power bottom?

What do you think of Hayden Lee so far? What other Helix model would you like to see him bottom for?


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