Swear To Gay Gawd I Thought This Was An LGBTQ-Targeted Levi's Ad

October 3, 2019 | Posted in Editorial Features by his_excellency


Scrolling through Twitter this morning I saw this Levi's ad (above) featuring multiple handsome men fondling each other playfully on the beach, and thought "What a sexy group of buttfuckers. Levi's gets me!" Plot twist! While I legitimately assumed this was an ad touting Levi's LGBTQ acceptance (the brand goes in hard during Pride Month, and I follow Pete Buttigieg's a$$ on Twitter, so it wasn't a stretch) this is just... straight :/



Or is it. JK it is. In fact I Googled the football player starring in the ad - Jimmy Garoppolo - to see if he was a mo and a half, and plot twist, he dated a porn star named Kiara Mia. That's like the opposite of gay!

Or is it. JK it is. But honestly, something about the lingering ass shots and taboo oceanside lust featured in this game of f*g football is doing it for my n0-n0, and hopefully it will do something for yours too.


Oh WAIT. I just took a closer look at the ad and maybe it's gayer than I thought. I take everything back!


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