"Is My Sister A Beard?"

October 1, 2019 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

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After Dillon Diaz realizes his brother in law Phoenix Fellington has been intensely checking him out lately, Dillon starts to wonder if Phoenix is gay or not

Dillon Diaz fucks Phoenix Fellington at Noir Male

Dillon Diaz fucks his brother in law Phoenix Fellington at Noir Male

As we all know, porn goes through fetishes that everyone jumps (bounces up and down?) on periodically. Step fantasy porn is currently all the rage. Step dads fucking their kids, step brothers fucking their siblings - you name it. Some of the more palatable versions of this is the brother in law fucking his sister's husband fantasy, played out today by Dillon Diaz and Phoenix Fellington.

interracial gay porn at Noir Male

Are you into step fantasy porn?

Dillon's sister - played by (white?) female porn star Katy Jayne - is married to Phoenix Fellington, but Dillon can't help but wonder if Phoenix has a wandering eye, as Dillon keeps catching Phoenix checking him out.

Then again, Dillon Diaz is gorgeous.

Eyebrows Snatched, amazing body, great face. And a thick, yet interesting-looking (botched circumcision?) dick to boot.

Gay Porn Star Dillon Diaz

If Dillon Diaz was your brother in law, would you check him out?

Soon we find out that Phoenix Fellington is VERY oral.

Look at him go to town on his brother's hole. And Dillon looks like he likes it!

Phoenix Fellington rims Dillon Diaz

Is eating ass better than eating pussy?

Maybe Phoenix wasn't getting the pegging he needed at home...

Dillon Diaz Fucks Phoenix Fellington

Maybe Phoenix is dominant with his wife and submissive with guys...

But his new brother can give him the prostate massage he needs.

gay sex at noir male

Dillon Diaz giving it good to his brother in law.

Do you have a beard? Have you ever fucked a family (or step family) member? Are you still into Noir Male?


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