IMPORTANT: Kyle Allen From AHS: Apocalypse Once Got Gay On-Screen

September 27, 2019 | Posted in gay by his_excellency

Is this an arbitrary self-serving post dedicated to my lust for Friday Night Lights fantasy Kyle Allen? Um ya lol. American Horny Story: Apocalypse just hit Netflix (AHS: 1984 just debuted on FX, and with each new season of the series, the previous season is now added to Netflix) and in the first episode we're introduced to the adorable Kyle Allen. I'm currently binging Apocalypse, but promise not to divulge any spoilers... besides the spoils you'll find in your underwear after checking out Kyle's super hot Riverdale-worthy bawwwwdy!

What's even better than seeing his noice breasts is the fact that Kyle got gay in the short-lived series The Path. He and Titus Makin Jr. experiment with their homosensuality with some smooches.

See Kyle Allen's full gay scenes here


And they're even caught in bed together, with Kyle only wearing his boxer briefs.


The twenty-four-year-old Kyle Allen must have not officially been indoctrinated into Ryan Murphy's harem, because he doesn't appear in AHS: 1984. But he will star as Jet in the big-screen version of West Side Story. I forget, is there a hardcore gay sex scene in that or...

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