Ashton Summers probes pretty porn star Hayden Lee in more ways than one At Helix Studios!

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[WATCH: Introducing Hayden Lee - Helix Studios]

Everyone’s anxious to know more new boy on the block, Hayden Lee, so Ashton Summers probes the young pretty boy in more ways than one, for another edition of "Introducing" at Helix Studios

Helix Porn model Hayden Lee

What do you think of Hayden Lee?

This is 2019, and porn stars and escorts are no longer a mystery - showing more to your fans is expected so they can get to know you and fall in love. That's why series like "Introducing" from Helix Studios are so revered.

We already know the boy can bottom, but what does he actually like? And Ashton Summers gets Hayden Lee to share the good stuff; he asks all the right questions and doesn't get Hayden to overshare.

Yes that's correct - last month, Hayden Lee starred in his first scene, taking Mican West's big cock:

Helix DID steal the Badpuppy model of showing a new porn star in action before their "introducing" scene. But at least we know this twink can take some cock at this point!

[WATCH: Hayden's In Heat - Helix Studios]

And of course after this showing, they had to bring him back.

Ashton Summers fucks Hayden Lee

Ashton Summers shows us what Hayden Lee is made of.

From Helix Studios:

After working Summers’ nut filled nads and downing that D to the base, Summers remembers our boy likes it a little rough! So, he tosses the twink on the bed, then rips his overstuffed undies right off! Like a heat seeking missile, Summers is a man on a mission. Lee lays into that Latin lust lance like a BEAST, bangin' booty down on that D till his own bone is slapping Summers’ shredded six pack! Ashton gives the guy a hand before Hayden takes the reigns and seeds Ashton’s abs with an army of ooze! The warm cum coating causes Summers own bone to bust.

And as we can see, Hayden Lee delivers another stellar performance in front of the camera.

gay bareback sex at Helix Studios

Will Hayden be Helix Studios' best bottom?

What do you think of Hayden Lee? Which other Helix Studios model would you like to see him paired with?


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