Who'd You Rather Finger: Chris Pratt Or Jack Reynor

September 26, 2019 | Posted in Editorial Features by his_excellency


The gloves are off! Literally. We've got some fingering to do boys. A-list actor Chris Pratt and up-and-comer Jack Reynor have strikingly similar facial features, and they both tend to play jovial goofball characters. Well except when Chris' character murdered Jennifer Lawrence's character in Passengers because he was lonely. We all have our quirks!




It's no secret that I lost interest in Chris after he downed a cement truck's worth of protein powder and dumped wife Anna Faris for younger puss puss all while expounding the Good Werd. Faith in pussy bitches! But I do get that technically Chris has a hot ripped bod now that he has a cute face and cute scruff and all that. He just doesn't personally get any attention from my digits.

But guess who does. Jack Reynor has shown his smooth voluptuous bod on the series Strange Angel and more epically in the daytime horror movie Midsommar. We see his flopping cock and balls and his noice ass, and ya, homeboy's gonna like... git it. There will be NO JUDGEMENT on my end no matter who you choose, so have a one-on-one with your hand and let us know once and for all - Who'd You Rather Finger: Chris Pratt Or Jack Reynor!

Chris Pratt


Jack Reynor

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