Muscular Jack Owns Latino Asher's Hole At Sean Cody!

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[WATCH: Jack and Asher Bareback - Sean Cody]

Sean Cody's Jack and Asher spray water on each other in a sword fight, but that's not ALL they'll be squirting on each other...

Jack fucks Asher bareback at Sean Cody

Jack fucks Asher in pile-driver

Jack and Asher have some REAL chemistry at Sean Cody and don't look like they're faking it. Asher is real into Jack's body, but how can you not be? Especially when all that muscle is on top of you, forcing itself into you. You'd be smitten too.

Jack and Asher at Sean Cody

Asher is so smitten by Jack.

It is safe to say that Sean Cody's Asher loves bottoming.

In his last scene with Archie (who HIMSELF has taken a liking to bottoming), once Asher saw how much Archie enjoyed his cock, Asher decided to try bottoming too, and obvi loved it.

[WATCH: Archie and Asher Bareback - Sean Cody]

When Jack and Archie got back from their beach romp, Asher couldn't wait to hop on Jack's cock.

It's a nice cock!

Bareback interracial porn at Sean Cody

Asher loves getting his hole pounded in.

From Sean Cody:

Blond, muscle-bound Jack and lean, tanned Asher run into the surf to have a splash fight, squirting water on each other, and that's not all these studs will be spraying each other with before the day is done! Asher can't take his eyes off Jack's muscular ass as they get back to the Sean Cody house. "So beefy," he says with a grin, giving in to temptation to squeeze it. "You like that big butt, huh?" Jack retorts, before he gets his dick deep in Asher's butt. Asher rides Jack's huge cock and takes a deep pounding in piledriver before Jack covers him in cum!

Asher loved opening his legs up for the big muscle stud too!

Jack Fucks Asher At Sean Cody

Jack loves the way Asher's ass feels...

When it was all said and done, they sprayed each other with cum.

Asher Gets Fucked at Sean Cody

jack looks like he loves being dominated...

Do you prefer Asher on top or bottom? Who else at Sean Cody should Asher and Jack be paired with?


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