Princeton Price Shows Ryan Jordan How To Relax With A Raw Fuck

September 26, 2019 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Stress Relief - Next Door Raw]

When he sees Ryan Jordan stressing out with anxiety, Princeton Price helps him out with a little physical attention and hits all his spots.

Princeton Price blows Ryan Jordan at Next Door Raw

Princeton helps his bro out with a BROjob.

What's going on in the world? Is there energy out there that has everyone stressed? Is it because it's the beginning of fall? Is it the seasons changing? What's going on?

We may not know what's going on, but we know that sex is one of the best de-stressing mechanisms out there.

Just yesterday at Masqulin Studios, we saw Matthew Parker take Pierce Paris' mind from stressed to relaxed with some bareback fun:

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Today, we see how Princeton Price helps Ryan Jordan with a deep prostate massage, complete with some rimming:

Princeton Price rims Ryan Jordan

Princeton knows how to hit all of Ryan's spots.

From Next Door Raw:

When Princeton Price discovers Ryan Jordan stressing out on the porch, he tells him he needs to relax. Ryan knows he's right, but he's got too much anxiety to put it into practice, so Princeton helps him out with a little physical attention to take Ryan's mind off his issues. Princeton hits all the right spots to ease Ryan's tension, then invites him to engage in a massive release at the end. Ryan takes him up on his offer, and by the time he's let loose his load of worries, he's already feeling much, much better.

We even get to see some flip-flop fucking! Princeton lets Ryan take some of his pent-up stress out on his hole:

Ryan Jordan fucks Princeton Price

Princeton and Ryan go for a flip flop fuck.

At the end, we get to see Ryan blow all his pent-up stress on Princeton's chest.

Ryan Jordan cums on Princeton Price

Ryan isn't the only one that looks relaxed...

How do you like to de-stress? Perhaps some bareback fun on the porch like Ryan Jordan and Princeton Price?


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