Terrrrrible Gay Movie Kept Boy Has Some Amazzzzzing Asses

September 17, 2019 | Posted in gay by his_excellency

Woof. I've been under the weather a little recently, and yesterday I had the gay movie Sorry Angel to keep me company. Did anyone see that? Apparently all French men in 1993 looked like models and were hella gay for each other. Good movie. Well as you can tell I'm stalling, because unfortunately today we're addressing a bad movie. Bad movie! Bad. I haven't seen it because I don't hate myself that much, but please for the love of Gay Gawd watch this trailer for Kept Boy:

Here's the jizz-t via YouTube:

Kept Boy follows interior designer/reality show star Farleigh Knock, who has a knack for keeping beautiful things, like adonic Dennis, around his home. But when Fairleigh gives Dennis an unthinkable ultimatum for his 30th birthday, to get a job or get out, Dennis goes from Kept Boy to Lost Man. George Bamber directs this dark gay comedy that shows life with a sugar daddy is bittersweet and poses the question: what is love and what is the price to keep it?

The reason we're addressing this thing at all is that A) still no Nolan Gould penis in my life to write about, so thanks for that Nolan and B) the asses in Kept Boy are super hot and plentiful! Jon Phillips Paul shows his release crease a staggering seven times, the ripped and sexy Greg Audino joins in for three scenes, and John-Michael Carlton even comes in with an ASSist. Kept Boy is available to rent on all of your streaming platforms, so if you've given up on life, go for it and report back! As for Greg's ass...

See the full scenes here

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