New SNL Cast Member Has Made Very Homophobic Remarks, Including F-word

September 13, 2019 | Posted in Editorial Features by his_excellency


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Everyone's excited because the announcement of the new SNL cast members includes beloved openly gay writer Bowen Yang - who will be the first Asian SNL cast member ever. He'll be joining a less beloved cast member, Shane Gillis, who, as it turns out, talks like that guy you meet at a party who makes you think "Ya know, hm. I bet this one's homophobic and racist."

Gillis hosts some tragiqué podcast, and according to Vulture he actually deleted all of the episodes prior to this week's SNL announcement. But there's this lil' miss thang called the World Wide Web, and of course some of his most controversial podcast remarks have been enshrined on YouTube, Twitter, and beyond. He's the guy in the black shirt in these videos. And if you want insight as to the rich cultural history of Chinatowns, you're in the wrong spot:

"Why do the fucking ch*nks live there?” The 90's really are back. Gillis' racist remarks against Asians are bolstered by anti-women and homophobic remarks in this lengthy YouTube clip. At around the 12:00 mark you can catch Pinky and the Braindead referring to Judd Apatow and Chris Gethard as "white f*ggot comics” and "fucking gayer than ISIS."


Vulture points out that this all went down in 2018, so Shane wasn't able to excuse his behavior as a sign of the times. Instead, he released this statement, which basically gives humorless people permission to request an apology:

The truth is - if someone whipped out a genuinely funny gay joke, or at least if they were coming from a place of acceptance, I wouldn't care. But Shane and his broseph aren't so much as even making jokes as they are going down a Kill Bill list of marginalized groups and marking a red line through each group as they hurl insults at it. Honestly, it's very confusing as to why he would publish these thoughts in the first place. When did people start feeling obligated to broadcast their worst qualities? I don't record myself masturbating to Pete Buttigieg's leg hair. Kidding that's my best quality and I do!

NEWAYZ the irony that Bowen Yang is both gay and Asian - the two groups Shane is particularly not fond of (at least in the clips currently available to us) - isn't lost on anyone. Yang has been a writer on SNL for years and has the respect of the staff. As the writers choose which actors to cast in their skits, expect Shane to be sidelined for much of SNL's upcoming 45th season. Translation for Shane: Brah. Dude. Brah. Dude. You're fucked.

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