Sean Cody Rewind: You WILL Cum To This Double Penetration Threeway With Special Surprise

September 11, 2019 | Posted in Editorial Features by his_excellency


Not sounding like the boy who cried primo jack off material is getting increasingly difficult with these Sean Cody Rewinds, as, quite frankly, I get better and better at them. My brain is just so big it's a curse. This time I think we really really do have the hottest Sean Cody Rewind yet. The year was 2015 and Pete, Clark Campbell, and the iconiqué Tanner teamed up for a breathtaking threeway that you shan't soon forget. It starts out with some tag team cock slobbering, and please notice that smiles abound as the boys just have fun and go with the flow. You guys recently said smiling and fucking was a qt matchup, and well, just look at Tanner.

But what happens next is no laughing matter. We get the basically enigmatic ass-to-mouth involving an ass and mouth from different people! Pete slips his perfect long cock out of Clark's tight hole and right into Tanner's eager face.

Of course the real magic happens at the end. Clark and Tanner DP Pete, with Clark on top, and once he works his cock up into a frenzy, he pulls out of Pete's hard-working ass to nut his butter all over Tanner's truly legendary balls.

The twist is that Tanner nuts inside Pete at around the same time, and pulls out so that Pete can tease all the cum he just took up his bum. Throw in a little fingering of his worn rosy pink hole, and damn, I could get hard just typing this! So, was this THE best Sean Cody Rewind in the history of literature? Let us know!

Hear here for the full scene

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