Deranged Instagram Boyfriends Pierre Amaury Bouvier And Nick Champa Still Naked And Gay

September 10, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

If gay social media was Apocalypse Now, then way up the Tonle Srepok river, in the heart of Cambodia, would be bonkers boyfriends Pierre Amaury Bouvier And Nick Champa surrounded by strewn about Forever 21 Coachella wear, dildos, and sacrificed twinks. The whore. The whore! Basically we're dealing with some Hardon of Darkness stuff today and boy do I stan!

Pierre Amaury Bouvier And Nick Champa (as well as their Insta gay boyfriend rivals Zander and Troy) appear completely isolated from other humans in their social media pics. They come off as existing only for social media - not so much documenting their lives through photography, but rather curating their existence for likes and faves. It comes off as unhinged tbh, AND I STAN. What we really need to talk about is the fact that Pierre Amaury Bouvier showed his hot ass and everything-but-dick in some sexy skinny dipping pics. He's so spontaneous!

And for Nick Champa's part, he also got nizasty by the ocean, but that pales in comparison to this little cock tease from his OnlyFans account. Now if you two would just put your dick and balls inside each other on camera that would be kewl. I promise to "like" it!





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