Lol Luke Evans' Penis From Ma Is Here, And Well, He's A Liar?

September 9, 2019 | Posted in gay by his_excellency

Would you hype the hell out of your nude scene if you knew that it was fake? This is the question that everyone should be asking now that Ma is available for closer inspection thanks to its streaming and Blu-ray release. Everyone was expecting to see Luke Evans' cock, but thanks to Mr. Man we know that he used a prosthetic. In June the openly gay starlet tweeted:

So....who has seen @MAmovie And is wondering about that know the one....


While, yes, it's ambiguous (if not even a sly reference to his prosthetic?) Evans had to have known that it would lead to headlines like this one from Men's Health "Luke Evans Wants to Know What Fans Thought of His Controversial Full Frontal Scene in Ma" and this one from Vulture: "Luke Evans Tweets About Full-Frontal Penis Scene in Ma." The world expected dick! But dick we did not get.

So my question is - did Luke Evans think no one would realize he used a rubber cock? The scene was very brief and certainly a celeb of his stature wouldn't be aware of the Dark Gay Web's troubled dedication to celebrity male reproductive organs. Whatever the case, he still looks dayumn fine. In order to compensate for Luke Evans' pathological lying, I'm throwing in the juiciest booty around - Gianni Paolo's d to the umper! He plays one of the teens charmed by Ma's partying ways, and in one scene we see his azzzzzz. Well, Luke: 0, Gianni: 🍑.

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