In His Men At Play Debut, Bruno Max goes from taking over a business to taking over Robbie Rojo's ass!

September 10, 2019 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: The Closed Deal - Men At Play]

Robbie Rojo and new porn model Bruno Max don't even take their suits off before getting down to business at Men At Play!

Bruno Max rims Robbie Rojo at Men At Play

Is this how business is done in Europe?

If in Europe, they close deals by fucking each other's brains out, and seal the deal by fucking in their business suits, i'm here for it. This is the only thing that would get me out of business casual and into a suit. Especially if it meant i'd get fucked by Bruno Max.

Not only does Bruno Max give Robbie Rojo a good fucking, he looks good doing it!

He's a new porn model, but he seems to already have it down.

Bruno Max Fucks Robbie Rojo

Bruno Max sure looks good giving dick, doesn't he?

From Men At Play:

Dapper gent Bruno Max, in his MenatPlay debut, is taking over a business. He meets with hunky Robbie Rojo, the current owner, to discuss the terms and finalize the sale. With the contract is ready to be signed, Robbie wishes Bruno the best, and may he enjoy as much action as Robbie himself did as the owner. Intrigued and uninformed, Bruno inquires about this “action”. Instead of an explanation, Robbie decides to give him a hands-on demonstration; ending in a huge cum explosion all over Robbie’s blue suit. This deal will certainly be closed.

After the seal the deal, they christen it by fucking on the furniture.

Do you think Robbie likes it?

"The Closed Deal" at Men at play

One Leg in the air is the best position.

And once it's all said and done, Robbie drank all of Bruno's cum.

Bruno Max cums on Robbie Rojo

They made a mess on Robbie's suit!

Beats the simple "shake on it" we do in America. Why is everything better there.

What do you think of Robbie Rojo's porn debut? Who else would you like to see him paired with?


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