Wait Does James McAvoy Have A Big Penis Or Not? See It And Decide!

September 5, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


People seem to be pretty split on whether or not the forty-year-old James McAvoy is sexy or not, and maybe that's because we haven't determined if he has a big dick? Sure his eyes are in different time zones, but maybe the space between a guys eyes is like his foot. Maybe we should be saying "You know what they say about a guy with very far apart eyes ;)"

Anyway James has had a bit of a career resurgence in recent years thanks to his starring role in blockbusters Split and Glass. He kept his ass and cock at bay in those flicks, but he did debut a very ripped bawwwdy. Now everyone's talking about James again because he stars in this weekend's It Chapter Two as one of the grown-up losers. But what about his weiner?

What. about. his. weiner. You may not know that James McAvoy flashed maj dong in both 2006's The Last King Of Scotland and 2018's Submergence, but what's weird is that both (admittedly well-lit) frontal shots are from annoyingly far away. So today let's zoom in as much as my NCIS technology will allow, and try to determine if this thing is - in keeping with the It theme - big, red, and inflatable ;)


The Last King Of Scotland:


Guys. I think we might have a big one on our hands! Yes? No? Stop clowning around and let us know your thots in the comments...

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