Austin Wilde Doesn't Believe THIS Was The Only Time Rooney Marx and Theo Brady Fucked This Weekend. Do You?

September 5, 2019 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Flirting Fuck Buddies - Guys In Sweatpants]

Rooney Marx and Theo Brady got along so well on their Guys In Sweatpants weekend, that they forgot they were there to fuck!

Rooney Marx Fucks Theo Brady at Guys In Sweatpants

Looks like Rooney's cock and Theo's ass get along nicely...

Look, I know yesterday, I made a big stink about how nice it was that Sean Cody featured a black twink on bottom, as Black Men are usually the aggressors in porn, and today I'm writing about a black man topping a non-black man, but let me be.

[WATCH: Brock and Ace Bareback - Sean Cody]

Admittedly, my foot is in my mouth, but I'm also not apologizing.

interracial bareback gay porn at guys in sweatpants

Rooney and Theo look like they love each other.

Austin Wilde STILL makes some of the best porn, and does his best to feature guys of all skin tones in all positions. So this tweet was amusing to a lot of us.

But back to the scene at hand.

From Guys In Sweatpants:

There's nothing better than finally meeting someone who you've wanted to fuck so bad, but then also getting along with them so well you forgot you were there to fuck. These two hit it off right away, which made the sex that much better cus Rooney was already looking forward to breeding Theo's hole, and Theo was already stoked to get Rooney's fat meat in his holes. Rooney's got that good dick that stays rock hard and hits all the right spots no matter what position you're hit. Not only that, but he shoots huge loads that left Theo and his hole covered in cum and in a state of ecstasy afterwards. Something tells me this wasn't the only time they fucked this weekend...

Similar to that time I told you how I ran into Sean Duran at Shake Shack in Washington DC even though you didn't ask, I'm gonna tell you unprompted that I know Rooney Marx. We actually lived in Oklahoma City at the same time. We have the same first name, and met through his best friend, who also has the same first name. (There are a lot of people in Oklahoma with this name? including my ex-boyfriend?). I ended up hooking up with his best friend, and it was underwhelming, tbh.

So judging from this clip, I should have hooked up with Rooney, no?

The real question is whom would have topped.

Rooney Marx fucks Theo Brady

Rooney has an amazing body and knows how to fuck too.

Do you think Rooney Marx and Theo Brady had chemistry? Would you watch them fuck again?


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