If You've Never Played Seven Minutes in Heaven, Live Vicariously Through Colton Reece and Michael Boston!

September 3, 2019 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: "Seven Minutes In Heaven: Scene Two" - Falcon Studios]

New boyfriends Colton Reece and Michael Boston can't keep their hands off each other and sneak away from their friends to blow each other in scene two of Falcon Studios' latest series

Colton Reece and Michael Bos

Michael's about to get that ass fucked...

Oh young love. So beautiful and pure. And so HORNY. You know it's intense when these two must leave an adult sex game so they can have more sex to themselves.

Scene one featured Devin Franco fucking he who shall not be named:

Also what is Devin Franco doing topping so much lately? Is he turning into a power vers?

[WATCH: "Seven Minutes In Heaven: Scene One" - Falcon Studios]

And scene two features Asian Colton Reece and his new BF Michael Boston, blowing each other while their friends continue their sex game.

Oh those oral-only scenes...but it's enough to get your rocks off!

Colton Reece rims Michael Boston

Colton Reece rims Michael Boston's beautiful ass.

From Falcon Studios:

Colton Reece and Michael Boston...wander off from their group of friends, who are playing '7 Minutes in Heaven' and mess around before returning to the game. With spit dripping from Michael's mouth, Colton grabs the back of his head and crams every inch of his meat down Michael's hungry throat. Colton is relentless with his cock and he shoves it down Michael's throat, making him gag and gasp for air. Returning the favor, Colton pulls down Michael's shorts to bury his face in Michael's insatiable bubble butt. When Colton has had his fill of ass on his tongue, he turns Michael around to deepthroat his cock while Michael teases his nipples.

Michael decides he wants one more taste of Colton's meat and gets down to take the monster cock down his throat again. Colton can't hold back any longer and paints Michael's face with a thick load. Making sure to lick up every drop, Michael stands up and dumps his load all over Colton's spent cock. Leaving now cum behind, Michael licks up his jizz from Colton's cock.

After he gets the rimjob he deserves, Michael pays Colton back with some cocksucking...

Michael Boston sucks Colton Reece

What would you do if Michael Boston looked at you like that as he blew you?

...All the way until Colton cums in Michael's mouth.

Colton Reece cums in Michael Boston's mouth

Michael Boston loves sucking his new BF's cock...

Have you ever played adult 7 minutes in heaven? Was it as hot as this group of friends is making it out to be?


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