Ashtin Bates Turns Corbin Colby's Gamer Knob Job Into A Two-Player Adventure At Helix Studios

August 30, 2019 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Thick Dick Bubble Butt - Helix Studios]

Newly-Thicc AF Corbin Colby Is Playing a video game when Ashtin Bates bothers him, in need of some dick. Luckily Corbin is there to oblige!

Ashtin Bates sucks Corbin Colby at Helix Studios

When Ashtin needs the dicc, Ashtin needs the dicc

The dick isn't the only thing thicc about Corbin Colby these days!

We are all human, and weight can go through ebbs and flows. Mine is changing all the time (I'm on the lower end right now, since i'm getting ready for a photo shoot soon). And porn stars are no different. Despite being in front of the camera all the time, sometimes a few extra pounds show.

This is what Corbin Colby has looked like in the past:

Corbin Colby at American Muscle Hunks

[WATCH: Corbin Colby - American Muscle Hunks]

And sometimes a few extra pounds looks awkward on a porn star, but i'm here for it on Colby. Are you?

Bareback gay porn at helix studios

Corbin gives Ashtin the joystick.

From Helix Studios:

Corbin Colby is glued to his video game when horny, tattooed hottie, Ashtin Bates comes into the room in desperate need of some dick. The cock king kisses the young cutie but goes right back to his game. But, Bates does not give up that easily. Ashtin slurps down every sloppy inch, and even turns this gamer knob job into a two player adventure when he takes his own command center out and strokes the controls.When the cocky gamer finally finishes up, he goes from one joystick to the other, returning the deep throat favor to Bates' rocked up bone.

Corbin goes in on Ashtin’s ample appendage, gagging down the dude’s dick with a slurpee suck job before moving on to the next level. He turns Bates around and buries his pierced tongue deep in the boy’s smooth butt while Ashtin strokes his thick stick swinging beneath them. Colby is more than happy to oblige and hammers the hottie bent over the pool table. Ashtin hikes a sinewy leg up on the table for a deeper dicking before Mr. Colby orders the boy into his back.

If Corbin Colby really wants to play video games all day, he should join the Bareback Crashpad at Helix Studios:

[WATCH: "Bareback Crashpad Scene 1" - Raging Stallion]

But if he did, we wouldn't get to see that beautiful beautiful cock.

interracial gay porn at helix studios

what a beautiful cock

What do you think of Corbin Colby? Also does you man play video games all day? :-(


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