SNEAK PEAK: IG Star Matthew Camp Continues His Gay Porn Debut Series at!

August 29, 2019 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Camp Chaos - Hell's Kitchen -]

Matthew Camp's debut film with is "Camp Chaos," a 3-part series where men recount sexual experiences that turned them into who they are today. The final episode stars him and Levi Wolfe.

Matthew Camp at

Matthew Camp's Gay porn debut is an exercise in cinematography.

2019 is such a beautiful, but strange time to be online. Since we are past peak gay porn, and the time where porn stars retire and unretire and make full-time careers out of porn. 2016 to 2019 saw a rise of porn stars doing porn as an advertisement for their escorting career. Then instagram came around, and many guys (like me, follow me pls) saw instagram as an extension of the advertisement for their gay porn career.

Then came OnlyFans.

Camp Chaos at

IG star Matthew Camp starts gay porn

Many of the porn stars and escorts saw this channel as a way to take charge of their content (New York Times even calls OnlyFans the death of escorting,, but whatever).

Interestingly enough, Instagram Models, like Matthew Camp, followed Suit.

And then, as an extension of their OnlyFans careers, many of these models are doing gay porn.

Matthew Camp and Levi Wolfe at

ok, come through lighting.

Greg McKeon jumped ship last year and has deepened his career with a debut scene for Cockyboys last week.

The scene also saw Levi Karter make his bareback debut, but that is beside this point.

[WATCH: Greg Mckeon and Levi Karter - Cockyboys]

Matthew Camp has also jumped the ship, with a series at

It's at least a little different than the gay porn that we're used to, as Matthew Camp teams up with guys to recreate the sexual experiences that made them into who they are today.

[WATCH: Camp Chaos - Kauai -]


In the final episode of Camp Chaos, Matthew Camp recounts the time he spent with a lover in Hell's Kitchen. Matthew remembers rimming his hairy ass and getting into bed with him after a long day, sheltering against the ever-present sounds of sirens on the street outside. Matthew begins interviewing men to help him recreate this formative experience, but when he meets Liam Lee the connection is instant and powerful. The two bearded men shower and groom each other tenderly, enjoying each other's bodies and company as they joke and play. Liam tells Matthew about a steamy four-way encounter he had in Hawaii before the pair move into the bedroom to make a new memory. Matthew explores Liam's hairy body, kissing him passionately as they share an intense and intimate encounter.

(Before this gets too deep, I just want to say that Chris Crocker was the first to do it, with a scene at The Maverick Men):

[WATCH: Chris Crocker Fuck It - Maverick Men]

And Will Wikle may have been the HOTTEST to do it, over at Cockyboys:

[WATCH: The Stillest Hour Part 2 - Cockyboys]

But now back to the scene at hand.

bareback gay porn at

The cinematography even reads like that "The Black Spark" movie we all went crazy for a few years ago, and I'm here for it:

I'm all for people doing porn (and have vaguely considered it myself) but this makes me wonder one thing.

camp chaos scene three -

In the past, escorts and the like have shyed away from porn, because you lose control of your image (You may make $300 for a scene but the company can retain your image and use it forever, as we see in instances like Titan Men remastering films they made decades ago and passing them off as new).

But in today's JustFor/OnlyFans era, where you have somewhat more control of your image and make money off your own content, are insta stars less afraid of the "porn is forever" stigma?

And will we get more porn like this?

What do you think of Matthew Camp's gay porn debut? Which other IG star would you love to see doing gay porn?


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