Sean Cody Rewind: It Was 2013, And Hot Big-Dicked Beach Bums Just Fucked Each Other Okay?

August 28, 2019 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


Sean Cody got started way the hell back in 2001, but even over a decade later in 2013 they were still pretty innocent. As innocent as gay bareback fucking can be. 2013 was all about dudes just being dudes and seeing each other's plump asses on the beach and thinking "Ya know, I want to cum in there." A simpler time. It's the kind of America that quite frankly big city folk could use a dose of nowadays.

Well in walks starlets Joshua and Noel. For their 2013 video they hang out with their wangs out on a gorgeous San Diego beach. After some hot nude beach running they decide to take their porn date to the next level by desecrating a couch with their hot man slime. (Like honestly they're oily af and that will NOT come out with a Tide pen!) Noel has a long thick cock, but he prefers to take it up his hairy ass, and rides Joshua's tree until both of them (SPOILER ALERT) blow their thick wads. 2013 we mist you!

Head here for the full scene

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