Who'd You Rather Finger: David Beckham Or Son Brooklyn Beckham Shirtless And WET

August 28, 2019 | Posted in Editorial Features by his_excellency


Did you know - supposedly - that celebs who are photographed on yachts don't actually own the yachts - supposedly? Yacht companies provide the yachts for free so celebs will be photographed on yachts, so rich douchébags will continue to think yachts are cool and purchase them, even though they're only cool if you're a celeb who gets to cruise around on them for free? Otherwise they're a tragic tacky 80s burden? WELL DID YA?

Good mornting friends. Anyway z to the addy David Beckham and his twenty-year-old tattoo protégé son were photographed shirtless while jumping off a yacht in the south of France, so now it's up to you to decide who you'd rather finger! I don't make the rules. David Beckham has been a gay boy staple for decades thanks to his iconic bulging underwear ads, while Brooklyn was a blip on our radar in 2017, but hasn't reached Fleshbot-level thirstiness levels in a while. And if you don't want either of them, feel free to finger Elton John, who is behind them in these pics. So, WHO'D YOU RATHER FINGER?



Photo Credit: MEGA

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