Mike Johnson Joins a Foursome at Active Duty, but is Leeroy Jones the Star of the Show?

August 28, 2019 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Mike Johnson, Mike O'Brian, Blake Effortley & Leeroy Jones - Active Duty]

Right before Leeroy Jones joins civilian life, he shoots an orgy for Active Duty. We also see Blake Effortley and Mike Johnson reunite, and Mike O'Brian round out the scene.

Gay orgies at Active Duty

Leeroy fucks Blake while Mike fucks Mike.

Why was Leeroy Jones the star of the show, you ask?

Because everyone wanted some of his cock. One, because it was big, and two, because he just returned from civilian life. Everyone wanted the first sniff, taste, and feel of it.

oral orgy at Active Duty

everyone sucks and everyone gets sucked.

Blake Effortley is becoming a staple at Active Duty.

maybe they're using him more and more as Markie More and Princeton Price move on to other things. All that said, he's nice to look at and just as enthusiastic about sex, so I don't mind it one bit. Especially if it means helping Mike Johnson become more comfortable on camera.

Mike Johnson's first scene simply saw him jacking off, but many of us were simply taken aback by him.

For one, he's got tattoos and that bro-ish look. For two, he's thicc and you don't get to see a lot of thicc boys these days.

[WATCH: Mike Johnson - Active Duty]

In his next scene, we got to see Mike throw his legs in the air for Blake Effortley.

It was hot seeing him bottom, but it's hard to tell if he enjoyed it.

[WATCH: Blake Effortley and Mike Johnson - Active Duty]

This fourgy sees Mike and Blake Reunited. This time Mike looks much more comfortable taking Blake's cock.

Maybe it's because it's familiar now. Maybe since there are two other guys there too, so there isn't as much attention on him. Either way he is definitely more comfortable here.

Mike looks like he actually likes getting fucked this time.

From Active Duty:

Right out the gate all the boys (Blake Effortley, LeeRoy Jones, Mike Johnson & Mike OBrian) take turns sucking on each other's cocks. Leeroy has one big piece of meat and some of the studs had a hard time taking every inch down their throat Once their cocks are nice and hard they take turns fucking each other. It's one big orgy with cocks pounding each and every hole. They all flip flop and take turns pounding each other's sweet tight asses.

Mike DOES some fucking too, mind you.

He even gets a little rough with it!

Mike fucks Leeroy Jones

And everyone cums everywhere!

gay orgy at Active Duty

Look at those cumshots.

What do you think of Active Duty's latest orgy?


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