Daddy Gabriel Clark Realizes Having A Houseboy May Not Be A Bad Thing After All...

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[WATCH: "The Live In: Part Two" - Masqulin Studios]

Manuel Skye is slow to warm up to the idea of having a houseboy. But Shane Jackson is a good houseboy and knows just how to get Manuel to warm up to the idea...

manuel skye fucks shane jackson at masqulin studios

Shane Jackson knows just how to be a good houseboy.

Sometimes all it takes is drastic times. And we know drastic times call for drastic measures. In Manuel's case, his husband, twunky pocket gay Gabriel Clark, wasn't there to give up his ass. So what was Manuel to do? Of course, this is the moment he remembered he had a live-in houseboy (came with the house, oddly enough.)

Manuel skye fucks shane jackson

Daddy giving his new (house)boy some loving.

In Part One, Manuel Skye and Gabriel Clark realized their new house had an unsuspected tenant who paid his rent in unsuspected ways...

The rent is too damn high but Shane Jackson knows how to keep it paid. When the rent rises, so does dat ass.

[WATCH: "The Live In: Part 1" - Masqulin Studios]

And in part two, we get to see JUST how Shane Jackson keeps his rent paid...

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Houseboy on a housecall for his new daddy.

From Masqulin:

In the second part of The Live-In, Gabriel Clark and Manuel Skye discuss their newly-acquired house boy Shane Jackson, and Manuel is slow to warm up to the arrangement. Once they are left alone, however, Shane proves to Manuel just how useful he can really be.

Shane knows just how to put himself to work. First his mouth...

Shane Jackson blows Manuel Skye

Manuel gets his cock sucked by his new boy.

Then Manuel warms his ass...

Manuel Skye Rims Shane Jackson

Being a houseboy doesn't look too bad...

Then Shane FINALLY gets his rent paid.

The Live In: Part 2 - Masqulin Studios

Everyone gets what they want!

Hopefully we'll get to see a part three with everyone...

Do you wish you could pay your rent in sex, like Shane Jackson? What do you think of Masqulin Studios so far?


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