The UH-DORABLE Miles Heizer Showed His Perfect Ass On 13 Reasons Why

August 26, 2019 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


Earlier today we covered the gay high school love-making on 13 Reasons Why heard around the world, and now we're finally getting to Miles Heizer's iconiqué ass-out scene on the controversial Netflix series. On the teens gone wild scale, 13 Reasons Why is somewhere between Degrassi and Euphoria, meaning that while we don't get a locker room full of cock, we do get some awesome nude, gay, and shirtless action!



Well in walks Miles Heizer. Brooding. Snarky. Seductive. Nekked. He pounds a chick in a lengthy nude scene, and at the end we get a great look at his smooth, plump twink ass! The twenty-five-year-old Miles has amASSed over 3 million Insta followers thanks to his role on 13 Reasons Why, and the. boy. gives. face. Dayum is he cute!



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This is unacceptable :/

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As we are a decade and a half too old to understand what 13 Reasons Why is about, we will continue our tradition of not commenting on the matter. No more questions at this time. But you can get the full 13 Reasons Why season three rundown here. Needless to say, much like an old car, I'd like to have some Miles on me. Rite ladies? Oh come on that was a good one!


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