Fitness Trainer Greg McKeon Makes His Cockyboys Debut!

August 26, 2019 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Greg Mckeon and Levi Karter - Cockyboys]

Not only does Greg Mckeon make his Cockyboys debut, Levi Karter does his first bareback scene!

So many firsts today.

Greg Mckeon fucks Levi Karter at Cockyboys

Greg's first Cockyboys scene with his fantasy model, Levi Karter.

If you don't know Greg Mckeon, he's a fitness model and actor.

Some credits include "Eating Out" and "Vampire Boys".

He made his gay porn debut last year, in a scene for Family Dick, playing an uncle that fucks his two step-nephews:

Beyond that, he's got an OnlyFans, and makes scenes with his husband and some other boys too. So obviously gay porn was the next logical progression.

From Family Dick:

The boys are shocked, but this isn’t Uncle Joe’s first anonymous cum dump. The Manwaring boys really bond over this masked stranger’s hole.

[WATCH: Chapter 2- Trick or Treat Surprise - Family Dick]

And now he's making his Cockyboys debut.

And when you think about it, he fits in perfectly with the Cockyboys models. White, thin and well-endowed. I'm not a betting man, but I bet we'll see more of him.

Levi Karter's bareback debut at Cockyboys

A bunch of firsts today at cockyboys!

From Cockyboys:

Levi Karter is back to welcome Greg McKeon for his first CockyBoys appearance! Greg is excited to be here with Levi who is just his you'll see once they make out in a sensual, near-romantic manner. Levi wants that hole filled and soon he nimbly mounts Greg and rides his cock hard & deep. As they kiss again you'll see Greg & Levi couldn't be happier.

Even before they get to the action, both guys look super happy!

I guess Greg is hitting Levi's spot?

Greg Mckeon rims Levi Karter

Is Greg good at rimming?

Before they get to it, Levi has to pay Greg back with an eager blowjob.

Levi Karter Sucks Greg Mckeon

Levi is good at many things. Ball-sucking appears to be one of them.

Before they get to all the other positions, Greg has to do what he came here to do: Pick Levi up and fuck him.

And they still look happy as hell together.

Greg Mckeon fucks Levi Karter Bareback

Greg likes guys smaller than him, so he can pick them up and dominate them.

What do you think of Greg Mckeon? Hot or not? What other Cockyboys model would you like to see him paired with?


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