Open Post: What's Your Weirdest Turn-On?

August 23, 2019 | Posted in Editorial Features by his_excellency

Ben Feldman


While most of us are in agreement that penises and butts are pretty dope, we all have those characteristics (physical or otherwise)  that we look for in other men that less enlightened naysayers might consider "weird." Today it's up to you to decide what your weirdest turn-on is, and to share it in the comments!

I don't know if my turn-on is necessarily weird, but it is specific. And mama it's no joke. I lust when men have pitch-black stubble that is still visible even when freshly shaven. When describing male celebs on Fleshbot I sometimes refer to this as an "eternal five o'clock shadow." But I could just call it "baby-making material" because when a man walks in with that evergreen shadow of masculinity cast upon his chiseled jaw, a baby straight up comes out of my penis. Or however babies are made. Anyway think of the quirk that makes you jerk and share it with us in the comments please!


Fat-a$$ed goddess

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