Jerold Benton Auditions For Next Door Casting...But Doesn't Tell His Girlfriend. Hot or Not?

August 20, 2019 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: "Casting Audition: Jerold Benton" - Next Door Casting]

What Jerold Benton's girlfriend doesn't know won't hurt her, but watching him jack off his big dick may put a hurting on you!

Jerold Benton at Next Door Casting

Man Jerold Benton has a great cock, doesn't he?

One thing I always find interesting is not just watching people have sex, but watching THE WAY they have sex. The way they touch themselves and what gets them off. So porn of not just people fucking, but people touching themselves is interesting to me. Some like Austin Wolf touch their nipple a lot. Some are groaners. Everyone has their thing.

Jerold Benton jacks his whole cock off, and it's kind of a sight to watch.

From Next Door Casting:

Jerold Benton is coming to us from a small town and his girlfriend of 4 years thinks he is in California for an acting audition which she is kind of right just not the acting she thinks. Jerold and our casting agent get into some conversation about his sexual tastes and what type of porn he loves to watch...Kick back enjoy the casting agent and Jerold's big cock...He never went limp and he stayed rock hard with a great cum shot.

Some of you don't like tattoos, but they add something nice to his swimmer's build body.

Except that "original" one. I bet it has a story behind it, but still.

Amateur Porn Model Jerold Benton

Is he a twink? Is he a twunk? Is he just skinny?

Once Jerold was ready to go, he was ready to go.

I've said his cock was nice, but can we talk about his beautiful balls? I bet he shaved them for the shoot, but they're so pretty.

Jerold Benton Jacks Off

Now that is a nice cock.

He clearly LOVES showing that thing off, but don't act like you don't love watching him show it off.

Jerold Benton - Next Door Casting

Who would you like to see Jerold Benton paired with?

He never lost his erection, and when it was done he shot a huge load!

No fake cum here.

Jerold Benton Wanks At Next Door Casting

If you had Jerold Benton to yourself, what would you do with him?

Think he'll return to Next Door?

Hung Porn Model Jerold Benton

Ok that cum isn't gonna clean itself up. Are you gonna help?

What do you think of Jerold Benton's Next Door Casting Audition? Pass or Fail?


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