K.J. Apa Did Something Unthinkable And Probably Illegal In Mississippi On Instagram

August 16, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

Sorry to wreak havoc on your weekend like this, but K.J. Apa has deleted all of his shirtless pictures off of his Instagram. We are sorry for your loss and our thoughts and prayers are with you and your penis. This sucks for real! Apa had one of the most ab, pec, and pit-forward celebrity Instagrams out there, and for him to just take it all away? It's like we didn't mean anything to him!

As of today Apa has a mere 19 posts remaining on his Instagram - most of which seem to be cultivating a quirky, carefree, aloof, goofy guy vibe. He's chill. So chill that he deleted hundreds of Instagram pictures. Cameron Dallas actually pulled this same shiz last fall, but interestingly later had all of his pics reinstated (we're assuming this Insta post backup feature is a perk of being a verified user?) Who knows. I have 12 bot followers.

If Apa no longer wants to unleash his breasts unto the world, that's fine, because we'll always have his insanely hot shirtless appearances on the CW teen sex party series Riverdale. So head to the gallery to see what's missing from your Insta feed. Hey Apa, thanks for the mamories :'(



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