Lucas Entertainment Gets Into The Stepdaddy / Stepson Fantasy With "Secrets My Daddy Never Told Me"

August 16, 2019 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Secrets My Daddy Never Told Me: Scene Four - Lucas Entertainment]

Stepdaddy Nick Capra has kept his sexuality and relationship from his stepson Dakota Payne for too long. His boyfriend Dirk Caber can't take it anymore and fucks his lover's stepson in resentment.

This sounds complicated as heck, but at least we get some good porn out of it. And at the end of the day, THAT is what matters (this IS Fleshbot, after all).

Dirk Caber Fucks Dakota Payne

Now I've got a confession... (Pussycat Dolls voice)

I'm completely into daddies (especially the hot ones) and I'm totally into stepdaddy porn, Both gay and straight - the more times they say daddy, the better. Tommy Gunn, Filthy Rich, Justin Magnum on the straight side, Manuel Skye on the gay side.

I could go into the whole schtick about how society is more accepting of older men and women, and as we become more accepting, it gives porn models the chance to extend their porn careers (moving into MILF and DILF roles) - WHICH IS TRUE - but I also know it stems from complicated relationships with my parents.

Secrets My Daddy Never Told Me - Lucas Entertainment

And that's all I'll really say, because watching daddy Dirk fuck Dakota is totally hot.

I love that Dirk can take dick as well as he can give it, and I love the fact that he's working again. Lucas can be problematic (or at least was; more mainstream guys are working for him, so maybe he's changed his ways) but he can still make amazing porn. And that's all I'll say about that.'

Daddy son porn at lucas entertainment

On to "Secrets My Daddy Never Told Me".

It's getting complicated in here. Nick has a stepson that he's been hiding his life from, and everyone - his son, his BF - is getting fed up. So they all start fucking each other in revenge. The gays LIVE for this shit.

bareback gay porna t lucas entertainment

From Lucas Entertainment:

Though Daniel (Dirk Caber) has given in to the secrecy of his relationship with Jake (Nick Capra) time and again, he’s no longer willing to once he discovered Jake’s infidelity with his boss, Brian (Adam Killian). Daniel pays a visit to Tony (Dakota Payne), but instead of having a heart-to-heart talk with him about his stepfather, he winds up showing him the dynamics of their relationship by having bareback sex with the young stepson Tony!

Who knows - maybe Dirk and Dakota will make babies of their own.

It IS bareback, after all.

gay cumshots at lucas entertainment

Are you into step fantasy porn? Would you let Dirk Caber be your daddy?


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