With Quin Quire's Tools, Aspen Becomes the ValeDICKtorian at Next Door Raw!

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[WATCH: The ValeDICKtorian - Next Door Raw]

But honestly, Aspen and Quin Quire BOTH get flying colors for having hot but uncomfortable looking sex on nothing but a dining chair.

Quin Quire fucks Aspen at Next Door Raw

Having sex in, on, and around this chair is the REAL test.

Back in Texas where I grew up, being in the top 10% of your class was a big honor - you got to graduate first, and you basically got accepted in state to any school you applied to. When I graduated, I was ranked 53 out of 506 students - if you're good at math, that means I was 2 people out of the top 10%, or as I like to call it, salutatorian of the bottom 90%. I'm still bitter about it, clearly.

But you know who was the valedictorian of his class? Quin Quire.

Once he gets a job tutoring Aspen NoLastName, we learn that Quin is a scholar in much more than books. As Aspen says, he's the valeDICKtorian.

Gay Porn Model Quin Quire

Would you take lessons from Quin Quire?

From Next Door Raw:

Class clown Aspen usually doesn't take his studies very seriously, but he's suddenly found a new interest in the test subject now that Quin Quire has agreed to tutor him. Quin can tell Aspen has only a passing interest in learning, and that he's actually much more curious about a different subject entirely. It seems Aspen's desire for discovery is more in the physical sciences than in finance. Luckily for Aspen, Quin is long on knowledge with a well-rounded base of expertise, and he's more than willing to school Aspen in the three R's: rimming, riding, and really big loads!

All that said, with an ass like that, Aspen was built to take cock.

What are they feeding these kids these days?

Gay porn model aspen

Aspen's got a great ass...

And take cock, Aspen does. In multiple positions. On A Chair.

Quin Quire fucks Aspen raw

Bless this chair, for it is the real star of the scene.

After riding and bouncing, Quin gives Aspen's legs a break and pumps him.

bareback gay porn at Next Door Raw

Getting fucked on a chair after school is the best.

What grade would you give Aspen and Quin Quire? Also, what role did you play in school?


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