You Wished It Into Existence - Thicc Muscle Stud Mike Johnson Returns to Active Duty!

August 14, 2019 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Blake Effortley and Mike Johnson - Active Duty]

Not only did you wish it, I predicted it - Mike Johnson's first time bottoming is a bareback scene with Blake Effortley!

Blake Effortley fucks Mike Johnson at Active Duty

Do you think Mike Johnson liked getting fucked?

Ok well maybe I half predicted it. In my article on his debut scene, I predicted that Mike Johnson's first scene would be a threesome between him, Blake Effortley and Arlington Jones. Blake Effortley is there, but Arlington Jones is missing.

In the comments on his debut scene, you guys LOVED Mike Jones.

One of you said he looked like your next door neighbor. I'm still not sure if that means he has a boy next door look, if he looks like the boy whom lives next door to you, or he IS your next door neighbor, but I've since learned to live without getting the closure I need on things.

Another one of you said that Active Duty lets the good ones go and the go on to do great scenes at other studios, and they probably read that exact comment and brought him back to prove you wrong.

[WATCH: Mike Johnson - Active Duty]

From Active Duty:

Mike Johnson is eager to suck cock and its his first dick and he goes all in. Blake forces him down so every inch of his hard dick is deep in Mike's mouth. Mike takes it like a champ and pleases Blake Effortley as much as a first timer can but by the looks of it he is enjoying himself. Blake gives him a break and repays the favor by giving him an epic BJ. Mike bends over for the first time and lets Blake push his big throbbing cock into his tight ass for the first time. Mike squirms a bit but once his ass opens up Blake pounds his sexy hole to the fullest.

All that being said, It looks like ONE dick is too much for Mike Johnson to handle at this time.

Bareback gay porn at Active Duty

Mike Johnson may not be the best at taking cock, but he sure looks good doing it.

I'm not sure he even made a sound when Blake fucked him - Blake made all the noise, and Mike bit the pillow. So I bet taking two dicks in a three would be infinitely more too handle. But I'll still hold out.

I'm not sure how I feel about this scene.

Mike Johnson sucks blake effortley at active dutyh

Is this Mike Johnson's first time sucking cock?

I remember my first time bottoming, and even remember times when I was just trying to get my bearings or figure out WTF was going on or was trying to get out of my heaad, and I needed to bit the pillow too, or took it in silence. So while silent, I get it. Maybe it takes more time for him to calm down.

On the other hand, this IS porn and it's about the show. Now on the one foot (we're out of hands, I think), you guys LOVE that amateur shit, and the show is NOT what amateur porn is about. But on the other foot (we're out of those now) this reads pretty much like any other Active Duty scene (gorgeous plainish straightish white dude having lackluster sex). So to think it would be something else is misguided.

I've been talking a lot, so I'll let you talk. We know what you think of Mike Johnson, so what do you think of Mike Johnson as a bottom? Would you like to see him return to Active Duty?

And if so, on top or on bottom? And whom should he be paired with? (The answer is still a threesome with him and Arlington Jones.)


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