Nick Clifford Goes SO Full Frontal, Gives Gay Handjob On Glow Season 3 (UPDATE)

August 12, 2019 | Posted in gay by his_excellency

Glow season three hit Netflix this past Friday, and while you'd think the comedy about 80s female wrestling would focus on the male gaze, it, well, NVM, it actually does. Because I'm a male and I'm gazing henny yasss. In the previous two seasons of Glow all of the nudity (aside from Marc Maron's brief ass flash) was female - most notably Betty Gilpin and Alison Brie going topless - but for the third go-around we get a TON of amazing male nudity, including a steamy devil's threeway!

Nick Clifford (sporting a Gregg Sulkin smile and perfect bottie) stands up during a lengthy full-frontal scene and we get to see his nice au natural bush and incredible edible package. He also engages in a devil's threeway with Chris Lowell, which ends with the boys jerking each other off while Kate Nash is all - ::pouty face:: what about ME? AND in the newdity department Nick is joined by Eric Lutz - who goes ass out while banging Betty Gilpin, and Chris Lowell - who also shows his butt during sex. Oh ya baby I'm about to glow all over myself.



With all of that said, Nick Clifford really is still the MVP (Most Valuable Penis) of Glow season three. Obviously a future between Nick and myself is inevitable at this point, but while, after a little reacharound search, I found out that Nick played a gay character on Masters of Sex, and that he recently debuted a film at Outfest, he hasn't specifically addressed his sexuality one way or the other publically. I respect that. But also there's the little detail of us being star-crossed lovers. He has a pug guys. I have a pug!



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Anyway check out the amazing nudity and gay make out action from season three of Glow, and let us know if you want to give Nick a sloppy Glowjob...





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