Chris Loan Gets the Top He REALLY Likes - Austin Wolf!

August 12, 2019 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Austin Wolf and Chris Loan - Cockyboys]

Austin Wolf gets the bottom he really likes too - a muscle boy that doesn't speak English!

Austin Wolf Fucks Chris Loan at Cockyboys

Maybe these two are perfect for each other.

It's nice getting what you want, isn't it? It's also nice mixing business with pleasure. What I mean is while Austin plows through his Cockyboys exclusive contract (and his OnlyFans is on pause) he still gets to fuck some of the hottest boys in the industry.

The last time Chris Loan was at Cockyboys, he was taking Clark Davis' cock:

And now he's found a cock and a body that is bigger than him. Sorry Clark.

[WATCH: Chris Loan and Clark Davis - Cockyboys]

And as he said in his interview, Austin's favorite thing about summer is fucking boys that don't speak English, so why NOT Chris Loan?

(And also, what is his favorite thing about the other seasons? I'm curious now.)


Daddy giving it to his muscle boy!

Everyone out here getting what they want and I can't even get a text back.

From Cockyboys:

Chris Loan gets the kind of top he REALLY likes: Austin Wolf! He's giddy to be with big-muscled Austin in a condom-free scene and Austin is just as eager to get his hands on Chris. Soon after they make out and are wrapped in each other's beefy bods, lusty Chris is on his knees sucking Austin and teasing his meaty pecs. It also doesn't take long for Austin to play with Chris' ass and get him to turn around for some expert rimming.

And after he got that rimming, he repaid Austin with some oral of his own:

Chris Loan Sucks Austin Wolf

Don't they look so happy together?

And then we got the most beautiful view of his back side [sic] getting fucked:

Bareback Sex At Cockyboys

Don't they look so BEAUTIFUL together?

While these boys live their best lives, I'll live vicariously through them.

These two Cockyboys have fulfilled each others' fantasies, but have they fulfilled YOUR fantasy?

Which Cockyboy would you like to see Austin Wolf fuck next?


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