Yes Cameron Dallas Was Accused Of Homophobia, But He Still Has Dem Tig Ol' Bitties

August 9, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


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Storytime before we get to the tittays: A couple of months ago Hollywood's snarkiest starlet Cameron Dallas was accused by a beauty blogger of homophobia after Dallas threw a drink on the blogger's designer pants at a party. (The allegation of homophobia will come as a surprise to those of you who assumed Cameron Dallas was a Helix Studio gay porn star). Beauty blogger Cole Carrigan stated in May:


Info later came out, via Dallas' friend, that Cole Carrigan might not have been the courteous partygoer he was playing himself off as:


The story fizzled out pretty quickly because Cole didn't have much of a leg to stand on, BUT I bring it up here so as to not get clocked in the comments for gawking at a homophobe. Dallas isn't a homophobe. He's just a terrible person. And if I didn't write about terrible people, well ::chuckles:: I'd be out of a job. So let's gooooo!



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We check in every once in a while on (singer? model? actor? again, gay pornstar?) Cameron Dallas because he's got a nice twunk bottie ottie ottie and was famous for like a week in 2017. The twenty-four-year-old threatened to bulk up beyond his twunk self in January of 2019, but thankfully that hasn't happened as of yet, and he's still just my little nummy yummy full of cummy Helix star that I fell in lust with all those moons ago.

Dallas hasn't been shirtless as much as we deserve recently, but this week he posted a (verrrrry Shawn Mendes-esque) black and white tit pic (top of page) highlighting his 6 follicles of body hair and really nice abs, pecs, and arms, and I live. Obviously. Do you live? Wait, let's start with the bar lower. Do you remember who Cameron Dallas is? Spillz!


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I live on rooftops

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