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August 9, 2019 | Posted in gay by his_excellency

Oops **SPOILERS** Don't hate me! Those of you not caught up with the lastest on Pose might not be aware that something nashty goes down between Dyllon Burnside (who plays Ricky) and Billy Porter (Pray Tell) on the most recent eighth episode, titled Revelations. Dyllon shows off his hot ass here and Porter is all sorts of strategically newd! I'm not quite caught up myself (currently on season 2, episode 5) so frankly I'm pretty pissed this news came my way too. Guess we all make sacrifices here on the Dark Gay Web.

Like most Ryan Murphy shows, season one of Pose was excellent thanks to Murphy's ability to harness his creative vision while still utilizing a little homophobic term called "restraint." For season two Murphy told lil' miss thang restraint to sashay away, and now everything, in typical Murphy fashion, has proliferated into a radioactively bombastic gay meltdown. But while yes, technically the show has become unwatchable, Murphy is still feeding the childrn with some hot naked gay sex action! Yo betta werk.



Dyllon Burnside is allll sorts of adorable, and in season one he gave us some yummers gay make-outs with the equally cute Ryan Jamaal Swain. The series is about the iconic balls of 80s NYC that would come to define huge swaths of gay culture as we know it today. Billy Porter plays the MC of the ball, Pray Tell, and as Dyllon Burnside's Ricky previously dated Ryan Jamaal Swain's Damon, and Pray Tell has been friends with both boys, surely today's nude sex scene means DRAMA mamaw.

Of course, I'm working with information that stops at episode five (spoiling bad TV shows for myself is above my paygrade tyvm) so, considering this is Ryan Murphy, by episode eight the characters could be on the moon for all I know. Are you guys watching Pose? Are you feeling this sex scene? Would you rather have seen a hardcore anal pounding with Ryan Jamaal Swain and Dyllon Burnside in season one? Lol jk? Let us know!



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