6 Friends Head To The Woods To Pump and Dump In A Brazilian's Arse at Hung Young Brit

August 8, 2019 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

When Sasha finds a stunning young Brazilian Rent Boy, he can't help but call his friends and head to the woods for some fun...and do it again at sunset.

Hung Young Brit - 6 lads have sex in the woods

A bear may not shit in the woods, but 6 lads get off in the woods on a random summer day.

Fuck that vanilla sex, right?

I mentioned it last week, and I'll do it again. As porn profits become slim to none, and technology becomes better and better (and cheaper and cheaper), porn skews more amateur and amateur. Some studios are figuring out how to keep up (Maskurbate is doing a pretty good job with amateur porn and solo scenes) but there are some amateur sites that fly under the radar and do a good job shooting the amateur porn that you guys crave.

Like Hung Young Brit.

gay orgy at hung young brit

Ever had an orgy in the forest at night?

Cockyboys has used the troop of outdoor porn shot in the forest before, most recently with Austin Wolf and Nico Lyon:

[WATCH: Austin Wolf and Nico Lyon - Cockyboys]

But at Hung Young Brit, it feels MUCH LESS contrived.

That's probably because it's real. Or at least made to feel like that.

Gay cumshots at Hung Young Brit

No fake cumshot here.

From Hung Young Brit:

6 sexy rent boys head into the woods 2 all dump in Pete's arse & 2 Fuck with EVERYONE there too! 😈

Spunking on 19yrs dick to use as lube 4 Peter arse! 6 horny rent boys RAW fuck in woods Part 2 NIGHT TIME🌙

(Note: I was going to edit this for context and clarity, but some things are better left unedited.)

Part 1 Shows The Beginning of the fun at Hung Young Brit:

Random heat wave 🌞 comes from nowhere and gets all my mates horny

Brazilian rent boy was there too with the wish finder on his neck (Although he was proper off his face I think)

We are not happy unless we have other guys cum to play with whilst we are barebacking each other - we love taking risks - it makes us ROCK SOLID

[WATCH: Sasha And Friends Outdoors Part One - Hung Young Brit]

Part 2 includes some additional footage, as the boys head out at sunset:

We were there so long day turns to night🌓 - OMG I never been there @ night

before it gets well busy ! We must have had 50 guys surround us
This is so twisted I FUCKING LOVE IT

[WATCH: Sasha And Friends Outdoors Part Two - Hung Young Brit]

Don't lie - you'd be one of the ones in the corner jacking off, wouldn't you. Have you ever had an experience like this?

Gay orgy at hung young brit

Just some mates having a good time in the woods.


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