Joe And Nick Both Lowkey Bulge Out In Their Shorts While Playing With Their Balls!

August 7, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

Oh God. It's happening. I'm exploding at this very moment. Hurry up babe! I want to do it... together. Well anyway in these brand new pap pics Nick and Joe Jonasty get in touch with their manly straight guy selves by wearing cute little matchy outfits and playing with balls and holes. Nick even sucks seductively on a cigar while thinking of his wife's big juicy penis. I mean tittays!

The best part of Joe and Nick's fun in the sun is probably what happened after these pics were snapped. They hit the locker room. Playful banter soon rages into taboo touching - a lifetime of forbidden lust erupting deep from within each of the brothers right there as Nick hurriedly readies himself. Kevin watches from the corner. Crying. Kidding!!!!!! All of that would be awful.

Wow I cannot concentrate today. The second best part of Joe and Nick's fun in the sun is that we're getting some pretty damn definitive bulge action - especially from Joe! The midday heat does wonders for fluffing out those fat Coke can cocks, and since the brothers can't unleash the beasts until hitting the aforementioned locker room, we get to see their unfurling penises in action in their little gaybo golf shorts. Fin!

Photo Credit: MEGA


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