After Hearing What Jackson Thinks About Him, Jax Wastes No Time Stuffing Jackson's Ass At Sean Cody

August 7, 2019 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Jax and Jackson Bareback - Sean Cody]

As Jax is doing his promo photo shoot for their new Sean Cody scene, he overhears what Jackson is saying about him in his interview. Before you know it, Jax's cock is up Jackson's ass

Seriously - they don't even waste time removing each other's clothes completely before they fuck.

Jax fucks Jackson at Sean Cody

Legs in the air from underneath is the best position.

When Jax was ready to go, Jackson wasted no time and presented his hole to the top so they could get right to it.

Because why even remove clothes? Jax has a reputation for being one of the best tops at Sean Cody, and for good reason. He really knows how to give bottoms what they want, which is being dominated. So when it was time to go, it was time to go.

Bareback gay porn at sean cody

Jackson opening his legs for Jax. Is this fake cum or lube?


Last time we saw Jax at Sean Cody, he was giving Ayden the business:

And before that, it was Colm. But y'all were SUPER offended that I didn't like the name Colm, so we are clearly not going to talk about that.

[WATCH: Jax and Ayden Bareback - Sean Cody]

From Sean Cody:

What does Jackson think about Jax? "He's tall, handsome, he's got a great body, easy to get along with, for sure." "And I'm a fucking sweetheart too!" Jax adds. The tall top gets so turned on just from hearing Jackson describe what he wants Jax to do to him, he's already hard and ready to cum. "Don't waste it!" Jackson cries, telling Jax to come over and cum on his face. The horny bottom sucks Jax's dick till he's hard again and ready to pound his tight ass, and these guys want to orgasm again and again and again.

After they both get a feel for each other (and a taste, let's be real) they switch to some more comfortable positions.

Who doesn't like to ride?

Jackson rides Jax at Sean Cody

Jackson looks like he likes the cock

And missionary!

Who doesn't like being pounded in the best position!

missionary gay sex at sean cody

JAX looks like he likes the hole!

We know what Jackson thinks about Jax, but What do YOU think about Sean Cody's Jax?


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