Your Hole Has Met Its Match: Hemsworth Brothers Get Bulgy And Shirtless In Wetsuits

August 6, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


I believe in a land Down Under. I believe! I believeeeeeeee. ::Breaks down in tears:: I. believe. Anyway Aussie sluts Liam and Chris Hemsworth are each so insanely sexy (with Liam being the sexier of the two, FYI BTW and TYVM) and have a knack for short-circuiting the Dark Gay Web whenever they participate in their favorite sport - surfing. Surfing lewks henny!

The two were recently photographed in various states of undress with just some skanky wetsuits shielding their freakishly huge and juicy cocks and asses from our eyes! Liam keeps his wetsuit peeled down so we get a great look at his bulge as well as his insanely enviable ripped bod. Chris' ass is what the Kardashians were going for prior to ...the accident... and once he gets to just wearing his jeans, we see his Thor bod in all its ripped and veiny goodness. Oh brothers where art thou penises and balls??? Spillz plz.


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