This Isn't Really Milo Ventimiglia's Penis Bulge, But Also, It Kind Of Is?

August 2, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

Many a CW-watching gay first got the twat trots for Milo Ventimiglia all the way back in his Gilmore Girls days, and now, seventy-five-years-later, the man is looking FYNER than ever! Despite what the fake news media tells you, most celebs are not "ageless." In fact most are "agefull," as in chocker box full of age. UNRELATED: Did anyone see Celine Dion's new Harper's Bazaar cover?

This is not the case for Milo. He literally looks better than ever and you literally will want to make sweet penis sex to his head of hair you could lose a dick in, eternal five o'clock shadow, lawdamnline, and you know what, ya, even that little bit of his wrist we see here. Fuck his wrist.

So Milo. These exclusive pap pics show the forty-two-year-old This Is Puss starlet on his way to Jimmy Kimmel Live. The question on everyone's mind is - are we seeing Milo's Otis? His pants are lovingly scrunched around his cock and balls region, but whether or not this qualifies as boner fide bulge is up to you. Could just be weird-fitting pants. Could be a dick so big, so fat, and so dangerously juicy that even the most well-intended pants can't keep it at bay. God I'm so saturated for Milo rn. Okay well ily bye.


Photo Credit: MEGA

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