Open Post: Who Is Your ONE Most Unpopular Celebrity Crush?

August 1, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


We've ALL got one. A celebrity crush who pushes the moisture-wicking qualities of our manties beyond the manufacturer's warranty, yet leaves our friends' manties dry as a boner. But not our boner. Because it's hemorrhaging fluids after seeing this picture of fertile fuck piece Pete Buttigieg serving country and LEWKS. Take me to ASSghanistan baby take me there now!

Um or whatever lol. When openly gay democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg busted onto the scene, I genuinely thought that every gay and his zaddy would be all over Pete's fat Christian ass. Interestingly it turns out that no one is really attracted to him in any capacity... leaving me with my perfect choice for this unpopular celebrity crush post!

There's honestly something fun and even hot about having a celeb who you would get with but no one else would dare touch. It's like the two of you have this shared bond over your unpopular fella's penis and holes, and it's kinda beautiful? Today YOU need to get in touch with the deepest darkest parts of your soul and hole and decide who your ONE most unpopular celebrity crush is! One of my coworkers picked Jackie Chan. Another picked Ron Perlman. There's seriously no wrong answer!

You guys have been knocking it out of the park with these open posts (you can see our celebrity crush post here and our gay porn star post here) so pleasseeee keep it up! It's SO fun to see who you guys pick. Spillz!

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