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At 5 foot 4 and 130 lbs, Tanner Hyde delivers a powerful cumshot at Next Door Casting - some of it even gets on the casting couch!

Tanner Hyde cumshot at Next Door Casting

Tanner Hyde made a mess!

As I said yesterday, gay porn is changing, and at least right now, it's trending more towards amateur content. To fight to stay alive many studios are experimenting more and more with how they can keep their foot in the door with providing high-value content that is still somewhat amateur.

While Maskurbate took the "unedited strip show" approach, Next Door is looking back to the amateur casting couch.

And even a little POV! But you'll have to watch the scene for that.

Amateur porn model tanner hyde

Tanner Hyde has a nice smile, don't you think?

Qualms about a new wave of amateur content aside, what I at least like about Next Door Studios and their suite of sites is that they'll experiment with content. As far as I can understand, Next Door Casting has rebranded since Markie More left Next Door to be more of the amateur casting couch content that you guys love.

I can also see that Next Door Casting has replaced the now-defunct Next Door Male - which is fine.

Next Door Male had hot guys but barely sent out any nudes of their models and hardly ever any butt shots.

Anyway, back to Tanner Hyde.

Next Door Casting model Tanner Hyde

Tanner Hyde has a nice body, don't you think?

From Next Door Casting:

He's only 23 years old standing 5 feet 4 inches and a light 130lbs. Tanner Hyde is one sexy guy and he's excited to be here trying out for NextDoor. He lives an active lifestyle and is hoping to get certified for diving. Tanner considers himself gay and he tells our casting agent lots of personal details until it's time for the clothes to come off. Our casting agent continues to ask him questions while he takes pictures of him undressing. Tanner is turned on by our casting agent and wants him to pull his cock out to help him get more hard. Our casting agent is up for anything and he will push these models to the limits hoping to get some of the action.

(side note, I'm gonna let the fact that they spelled "ebony" wrong in the background slide - they've spelled it 'Eboney" but whatever.)

Tanner looks like he enjoys the couch and showing off for the casting director.

Then again, maybe the director is super hot.

Tanner Hyde at Next Door Casting

He may be a manlet, but the emphasis is on the MAN part.

Everything the casting director asks for, Tanner Hyde does - including showing us the backside!

Gay Porn Mode Tanner Hyde

Tanner Hyde showing us his backside.

And when it's time to cum? Tanner knows what to do.

Tanner Hyde Cums at Next Door Casting

Man THAT is a cumshot!

What do you think of Tanner Hyde? Who would you like to see him in a scene with?

And more importantly, would you like to see him on the top or bottom? Or both?


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