Hung and Ripped Model Jake Does One Of The Sexiest Strip Shows At Maskurbate

July 30, 2019 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Jake's Private Strip Show - Maskurbate]

Jake shows off his ripped body, hung uncut cock and pearly whites in a sexy strip show for Pascal at Maskurbate

Amateur porn model Jake at Maskurbate

Jake has the best hair and the best smile. Pascal really knows how to pick them.

3 years ago, I asked the question "Have we reached Peak Gay Porn" and postulated where, with the dearth of porn scenes readily available, and content feeling more and more disposable, where gay porn would go. Many of you answered (and are still doing so) but it seems like no one has had a clear idea.

Until now - kinda.

Jake jacks off at Maskurbate

What do you think of Jake? And what do you think of his cock?

I watch a variety of porn - since I write about it, gay porn is work to me, and since I'm an escort and masseur, gay sex is work to me too. and oft times to get off, I watch straight, bi, or trans porn. What I notice in the difference between genres is that gays LOVE amateur porn much more than straight, bi or trans audiences. So much so that many gay guys scoff when I know the porn star's names.

All that to say with that this tidbit in mind, and with the rise of things like Only/JustFor/4myfans, Amateur porn seems to be the wave of the future.

I'm not the biggest fan, but here we are.

While many studios struggle to keep up, I feel like Pascal at Maskurbate has done a really good job of tailoring his content to fit this audience. He's always worked primarily amateurs, but he works with the BEST amateurs, with the best bodies and biggest cocks. Would love to see more men of color, but we know how that conversation goes (someone will call me a racist in the comments).

Jake at Maskurbate

How much viagra did Jake take for this scene? His cock is about to break through my computer screen.

Even his editing techniques capture the essence of this new amateur content.

One take, or letting the guys control the camera as he watches in the other room. Or to give it an authentic feel, he is just off to the side, getting a show (what a way to show the world your fetish).

Amateur Gay Porn Model Jake at Maskurbate

Pascal lets Jake Fuck a Fleshjack toy.

From Maskurbate:

The time I spent One on One with Jake is a memory I won't soon forget. I watched the entire footage and finally edited this scene without cutting any part so you can experience the same thing i did. No added music or effects, just the actual performance as it occurred. Rarely you see an amateur performer such at ease in front of the camera. He's sexy as hell and has a body everyone would envy.

Porn model Jake at Maskurbate

Do you envy Jake's body?

And honestly, what other studios are doing that these days? It's like Pascal at Maskurbate, Active Duty kinda, Guys in Sweatpants, Bentley Race, Military Classified. We'll see if other studios fall suit, or see what they do to combat this wave of amateur porn.

All that said, what do you think of Jake? And what do you think of Maskurbate?


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