Panties Go Bye-Bye. Pete Buttigieg Takes Us To ASSghanistan With HAWT Military Pic

July 29, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

The gay iconic, international sex symbol, and snarky starlet on the rise himself, Pete fother mucking Buttigieg, practically sizzles off the damn screen in this pic taken from his military days, and I stan. Hard. I AfghaniSTAN ;) Obviously this isn't a new pic, but it's new to my parched twat, and it's honestly what's going to get me through this dreary Monday. The image was recently published in this new piece from The Washington Post, and a little bit of reacharoundsearch reveals that Buttigeig's hubby also used the ICONIQUÉ pic for a thirst trap Veterans Day post in November 2018. It's viral baby!

Buttigeig's seven-month service stint in Afghanistan ended in 2014 - four years before he married Chasten Buttigieg. But I still like to imagine Chasten as a WWI housewife clinging to this worn print as his only reminder of his fella overseas. On those cold lonely nights, the pic was the only thing he had to kept him warm. And he like masturbated to it and stuff. Maybe I should have entered the fanfic contest?

NE WAYZ this is going nowhere. Psych! It's going everywhere. As the official political pundit for the Dark Gay Web, I'd like to draw your attention to those smoldering come-hither blue eyes. Eyes that say "I'm a filthy little minx and you're my cum pig slut." And to that cherry red pout. A pout that says "Blow me. Hard." Oh God I'm about to explode all over my desk and computer keyboard. Do you want Pete to take you to ASSghanistan? Spillzzzzz???



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